HDR Sets GUI 2.0.0 – download

Supported Software:

  • Maya 2017, Maya 2018
  • V-Ray for Maya
  • Arnold for Maya
  • RenderMan for Maya
  • Redshift for Maya


  • The HDR Sets GUI for Maya has been revised from scratch
  • Modern lighting approach for all supported render engines
  • The latest generation of HDR Sets is required


HDR Sets GUI 1.5

Supported Software:

  • Maya 2017 – certified for Maya 2017 update 1 to update 3
  • Maya 2016 – certified for all available versions
  • Maya 2015 – certified for all available versions
  • V-Ray for Maya – certified for versions 3.40.01 to 3.52.02
  • Arnold for Maya – certified for versions 1.3.1 to
  • RenderMan for Maya – certified for versions 20.11 to 21.3

New Features:

  • Arnold support
  • RenderMan 21 support
  • Presets “Full Setup” and “CG Lighting”
  • Display layer for HDR Sets setup
  • Procedural color checker added

Feature Adjustments:

  • V-Ray now takes specular contribution from domelight by default
  • „Override Render Settings“ now works as expected for all supported renderers
  • Color values for shading spheres have been adjusted


  • Raise warning in Maya 2016.5 – 2017 if legacy render layer functionality is required
  • Raise warning when deleting HDR Sets content while the current render layer is an HDR Sets layer
  • The HDR Sets setup can’t be damaged by executing „delete unused nodes“ in the hypershade

Known Issues:

  • The Arnold render view does not respect the „looking through camera“ flag for image planes. This flag is important to the HDR Sets setup. Use the Maya render view to render with backplates in Arnold.
  • RenderMan 20 and RenderMan 21 installations on the same system influence each other in a bad way. It’s recommended to do a clean deinstallation first and then install the desired one from scratch.
  • RenderMan by default converts all image files into .tex format and stores them into the current maya project. Backplates that have been converted to .tex files by RenderMan 20 will not work in RenderMan 21 and vice versa. It’s recommended to detele those .tex files manually when updating the RenderMan version.
  • Loading the HDR Sets V-Ray setup can fail after an HDR Sets Arnold setup has been loaded during the same maya session. Restarting maya solves the issue.


HDR Sets GUI 1.4

  • Pixar’s RenderMan / RIS is now supported and available as Render Mode.
  • Library Browser: The user can now specify several library folders.
  • Config File: Library paths as well as any changed setting can now be stored to disc on a per user base, by using the “Save Settings” button in the Options tab.
  • Simplified Installation (see documentation)


HDR Sets GUI 1.3

  • Optimization for Maya 2016
  • Disable LOD visibility for ground plane and color mapping sphere


HDR Sets GUI 1.2

  • Shots Tab added: The shots tab is a way to setup a specific renderlayer per plate, allowing the user to make shot specific overrides like position adjustmens etc. It’s a great way to stage an asset into several camera perspectives from multiple HDR Sets within a single scene.
  • Setup is optimized for Vray 3.0
  • Domelight for reflections: While primary lighting is still cast through vray rect lights, there is now a domelight created by default, casting reflections to make use of multi importance sampling.
  • Optimized dimension handling: The light setup is now compatible with a wider range of scene dimensions.
  • As soon as an HDR Set is loaded to the scene, double-clicking a plate in the plates tab will switch the active viewport to the according camera. After double-clicking a plate one time, this function get’s available through single click or up/down arrow keys.
  • Image planes in Maya 2015 now work as expected.
  • New “Copy to Soucreimages” button in the options tab will copy all files of the currently loaded HDR Sets to the current maya project’s sourceimages folder and relink file paths accordingly.


HDR Sets GUI 1.0