Feel free to download the Free Set and experience HDR Sets in action.


HDR Sets is a resource for digital lighting environments. The library is designed to offer a strongly integrated image based lighting solution, combining carefully adjusted HDR panoramas, HDR backplates and matched 3d cameras. It’s a very efficient way to light and expose a digital asset in photo real quality.


An HDR Set is a package of components, covering one specific real world location. It contains all ingredients to light digital assets with real world lighting and seemlessly integrate them into photographed backplates. Those components include:


360° HDR Panoramas

Matched 3D cameras with HDR Backplates

Automated Setup

All HDR Sets are balanced to produce consistent and predictable lighting results. Once an asset’s shading works with a single HDR Set, it will generate realistic results throughout the whole library of available Sets. To provide this consistency, each set is run through an extensive process of leveling and tuning.


The Applications of HDR Sets

HDR Sets provides a workflow to stage a shaded digital asset into different photographed environments, taking full care of the lighting and camera setup. It’s an easy and comfortable way of producing photo realistic final images at minimal production costs, as well as to rapidly test the shading of an asset in different environments and lighting conditions.


Free HDR Set

We provide a free HDR Set to demonstrate our product in action. This Free Set is scaled down in resolution and is restricted to non-commercial use only.


Spherical HDR Panorama

The spherical high-dynamic-range panorama is shot at a central position in space, that is visible in all backplates. Our HDR panoramas produce realistic lighting conditions when used with a single dome light source in your rendering engine of choice. There are no additional lights required, to create sharp shadows for bright light sources.

High resolution HDR for lighting and reflections High resolution LDR for background display

HDR Backplates

An HDR Set contains multiple, undistorted backplates which have been shot at the same time with the same lighting. They are shot at different positions, being framed to see the area where the spherical HDR panorama has been taken. All backplates are delivered as scene referred linear .exr files and tonemapped .jpg files.

Matched Cameras

We provide a matched 3D camera for each backplate. All cameras of one HDR Set are matched in the same space, resulting in absolute positions that relate to each other with correct distances. Those positions are based on real world measurements. As soon as an asset is positioned in one plate, it will stick to this part of the environment when rendered through another plate camera. This can be used to produce a series of stills or even an animation-sequence, cutting between multiple perspectives in the same environment.

The data is delivered as a single animated camera (fbx, alembic) per HDR Set. Frame 1 corresponds to plate 1, frame 2 corresponds to plate 2, etc.

alembic ( .abc ) filmbox ( .fbx ) mayaBinary ( .mb ) sIBL ( .ibl )

3D Scene Setup

In addition to the image data, there is also data included to automate the setup process. There are three options to use our data:

1. Ready-To-Render Scene Files:

We provide prepared scene files for Maya 2018 (Arnold, Redshift, V-Ray) and Houdini 16.5 (Mantra). Simply open the files and start rendering.

2. Using the HDR Sets GUI – Maya Script:

The HDR Sets GUI for Maya provides an interface to the library on your hard disc and is used to load and unload HDR Sets into your current scene. It supports Maya 2017-2018 with Arnold, V-Ray, RenderMan and Redshift. You can download the HDR Sets GUI for free in the Tools section.

3. Manual Setup:

Image data and 3D cameras are universally applicable. Our HDR panoramas produce realistic lighting conditions when used with a single dome light source in your rendering engine of choice. This is only a few clicks in most 3D applications.

Image Formats

All high dynamic range images are delivered in (scene referred) linear, half-float openExr format ( .exr ). It is the industry standard HDR format, compatible with all major 3D packages and providing a perfect combination of precision and efficient compression. All low dynamic range images are delivered in high quality JPEG format.


All images are provided in scene referred linear state and as tonemapped, graded derivation. While the scene referred linear .exr image data is perfect for developing your own look, the tonmapped .jpg images will provide an appealing result right out of the box.


Exclusive HDR Sets

If you need an HDR Set of a specific location, we offer exclusive HDR Set production. This will result in a product which is technically identical to our library HDR Sets, but is produced exclusively to fit your needs. We also offer classical, on set HDR shooting for VFX productions. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.